Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Vintage Linen Hankerchiefs.

I have a friend called Helen.
She is a retired School teacher from the isle of Sark in the Channel Islands.
When I first went to her house I was speachless. Her Kitchen is full of craft books, her lounge full of knitting, her sewing room floor to ceiling with fabrics and jars of buttons, her spare room is wall to wall yarn organised and boxed by colour, the hall way has a dress mannequin draped with bags, even her husband's office has boxes of dolls stacked high.

I first met Helen at a craft fair where I had a stall. She bought a few of my things and I liked her.
Later on she gave me a call and offered me some vintage hand made underwear, camisoles and petticoats, that sort of thing, which was the reason for visiting her house.
I felt like I had met my future self.

So anyway, these Vintage hankerchiefs are a gift from Helen and I love them. I have given in to my hoarding tendancies and if it means I have a house full like hers then so be it, I'll love it!!!

Today's dress was a bit of an experiment, I'm not sure

about it.
I had lost my mojo yesterday and couldn't do anything right, I wrote numbers in the words part when writing a cheque, I spilt soup everywhere when making tea, chipped a cup washing up and wrote £ for weight and vice versa when filling out customs forms at the post office.
So today is monday, OK!!!
Lots of love,
Freya and NaughtyPixie.

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