Sunday, 14 November 2010

Catching up!

After my little outburst in the last post I am slowly catching up.

I finished my friends Birthday present:

It's a Blythe version of a real life 1960's chair that is her pride and joy. I sprayed a Bratz chair and made a little cushion for it.

We had a lovely time at Center Parcs, I took the girls along, this is what Mervin wore:

I cancelled my stall at the craft fair as I've got so stressed out about it and there is no way I would make enough stuff for 2 days of the fair.

I've made a great start on my Morticia Addams costume for the amateur dramatics christmas show. I've also managed to borrow a lot of stuff for my hubby to wear. We've added lots of extra rehearsals days so that will be fine.

I rearranged my work day before I had cancelled the craft fair, so now I can get on with my costume, Blythe commissions and get ready to go away next week.

I've made a good start on my Blythe commissions. Although last week I had a disaster. I had cut out and half sewn 3 coats. I finished the first one and found that I had added seam allowance onto the pattern that already had seam allowance (that's what I get for not labelling my patterns). So I threw them all away and started again.

Every cloud has a silver lining because I made a new pattern and it works a lot better than the last :D

So at last I've finished one commission!

And in true procrastination style I started my little applique project that I mentioned ages ago.

I started it yesterday before I cancelled the craft fair so should have been working my butt off making stuff to sell.....but no, I start a new project lol.

Can you guess what it is yet?

I'm hoping to start swimming again this week and maybe actually clean my house.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Can't get on Twitter!

It's playing up for me today! Noo!

So anyway.
I'm in a slump at the moment, I hate it when I get like this.
I'm a yes person. I just can't say no to things and then I get in a melt down like this.
I can't move, I just want to watch tv.
I need to finish my friends birthday present, 3 sets of Blythe commissions, make my costume for the Christmas show. Rehearse for the Christmas show, go away for the weekend for my friends 30th. Two hats to make for work, go away for 5 days to the Shetland Islands for my Aunts 50th wedding Anniversary, make a stalls worth of crafts to sell at a craft weekend, go to London for work, prepare my husbands costume for the christmas show, DO the christmas show.
I stupidly said I would go down to london for a few days in November to sell some costumes on Ebay for my boss but I'm going to have to let her down and do it in January.

So, on the 5th of December I am going to collapse. Well until the 7th when I go down to London to work again, followed by more work in Switzerland.

So I'm procrastinating.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Vintage Sindy Carboot sale bargains!

Had an amazing day at the car boot sale today.
I have started a dolls house so I am anxious to start filling it, ideally with vintage Sindy.

So, what was the first thing I found at the carboot sale?
A box of vintage Sindy furniture for £3!!

I've been looking at this bureau on Ebay, now if I could just find the dressing table, room divider, clothes rail and kitchen dresser.

I also got this lonely Sindy doll for 50p but don't tell my husband, I don't need another collection lol. Check out my Flickr to see my other bargains and some piccies of my Dolls house in progress.
I'm going to make a blog post about it soon.

Happy Carbooting!

Friday, 8 October 2010

NEW COLLECTION! "Stitched by Pixies" In shop now!


Here is my current collection "Stitched by Pixies".
This collection was inspired by the fabric used for my banner, I love the natural background and the contrasting red stitches.
The whole collection is red with a sewing theme detailed with matching pom pom trim and beautiful woven and printed cotton tape and ribbons. Of course there is plenty of linen and combinations of calico.
I took this Collection to Blythecon and the remaining dresses are now in my Etsy shop :D
I hope you like it.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blythecon UK 2010!

It seems like months that I've been preparing and making for Blythecon and it was over so quickly!


I am still a complete newbie to the world of Blythe, I haven't even owned one for a whole year yet, I only started selling in my shop in February but it feels like I've been doing this forever.

I've gathered 3 dolls in that time (even though I often forget that Pixie is a fakie, *gasp!*).

Anyway, I thought what have a got to lose! And booked a stall, they were reasonably priced and I would be going anyway.

My stall.

I'M SO GLAD I DID! It was a great place to keep base and take the whole day in.

Everyone had name badges so any visitors to my stall that I recognised the name of were greated with "I'm NaughtyPixie, I follow you on Twitter/Flickr" lol I'm such a stalker.

Boutique de Lupi

I was on a long table with MASSIVE names in Blythe and Blythe clothes, Jaszmade, Bambina Carabina and Boutique de Lupi.

Thankfully on the other table next to me I was one of my best friends, Barbara of Such Jaunt, so we huddled in the corner together as noobs. lol.

SuchJaunt hiding lol.

When the doors opened IT WAS HEAVING! They had such a great turnout I was so pleased for the organisers. Of course everyone was rushing to get the Eurotrash and Bambina Carabina helmets first.

Bambina Carabina

I was quite pleased to make a sale fairly quickly, one of my Antique Attic dresses, the collection I am hoping to finish soon.
The day continued with steady sales and lovely comments on my stall and dresses.


I met so many people I've seen online, too many to remember! The ones that really stick out were DollyMixture a fellow East Anglian and brilliant dolly designer, SmallGirlWorld soo friendly a real pleasure to meet, Little Moshi from Moshi Moshi Wow, I was really honoured to sell her a dress then realised who she was when I visited her stall! Amazingly talented and inspirational, I even met her Gentle River and wasn't disapointed IRL! Lucy Goosey, such a friendly character full of energy. KatiesSmallWorld, probably my best customer of the day!

Moshi Moshi stall.

Candypop and her shopaholic mum, Hauntshold, SakuraBlythe, Lucy_Loves and her lovely dolly Lyra. KittenLash, Puzzlemint, Flissy all lovely lovely people, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

Fashion competition.

I entered Forest into the Fashion Design Competition :D I made her an Antique Attic dress and a linen trench coat, I put on extra motifs for the comp. She also had my handmade tights and I made her a little lace birds nest headband.

SHE WON!!! I was so proud! Thank you so much everyone who voted for her. I had so many lovely comments when I stodd her on my stall. I had hoped that a pair of granny boots from Paradise dolls would arrive in time to really finish off the outfit but it seems it didn't matter :D

I won a lovely bag of ribbons and fabrics! Some are truly lovely.

I also won a SarahBoirin Reroot in the raffle, I have no idea what to get! Eek!
I bought two strips of tickets but typically won on the free ticket I got with my entrance fee lol.

I didn't allow myself to buy much as I took the day off work and wanted to cover that with my sales so I bought a PinkyJane yellow mac, a Funny Bunny embroidered leaf dress and a suchJaunt Save the trees bag :D

My buys.
I am so glad I had a stall for my first Blythe meet if I was just wandering I probably wouldn't have met all the lovely people I did. Although I didn't see any of the demonstrations but that was just laziness, I could have got hubby Rob to man the stall.

I also got to meet Gina Garan briefly, I didn't ask for a photo though as I was feeling a bit shy lol.
I hope I've not missed any details out, it went by sooo fast!!!!
I really hope it happens again next year, or maybe the year after if the organisers need a rest.

Monday, 4 October 2010

What a week! MaidenSuit appreciation post :D

I've been FRANTICALLY preparing for Blythecon over the past week and boy did it pay off!

I even roped others into my preparations lol and commissioned MaidenSuit to make me an embroidered sign. She well and truly did me proud and worked so fast getting this finished and in the post for me in time for the convention. So I'm dedicating this entire post to her.

I'll get all my stalking done in one go, hopefully it will make me look less of a weirdo but I'm her number one fan!

So without further a doo!! Here is my amazing sign!!!:

We set up a trade, so I am going to make her gorgeous Blythe family some dresses and I can't wait to see them wearing my creations. Jane and I are kindred spirits when it comes to Blythe dolls and Blythe style, I even adopted one of her dolls. She's a very creative crocheter, embroidered and photographer.

When the parcel arrived I squealed out loud and did a little dance around the kitchen because Jane had been very naughty and included one of her famous Deer Pixie Hoods!!!
I couldn't believe it! It was my birthday earlier that week so it made my week! It was also the exact colour I would have chosen, see kindred spirits.

Here is Forest in the fabulous hat!!!

Of course MaidenSuit has an Etsy shop and a great blog so please take a look and bookmark them both for whimsical inspiration :D

Thank you.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I made an Etsy treasury :D

My first one :D This is a sneaky peak, you have to visit the page to see them all ;)

Since I've now been featured in a few I thought I would spread the love and do one of my own.

It was quite fun! NaughtyPixie's choice, all red and mushroomy :D

A little gnome in the garden.

When I saw these giant mushrooms in mum's garden I knew I had to get a shot of Pixie sat on them. They could be toadstools, I'm not sure what the difference is and whether one is poisonous and not the other but I didn't eat them and washed my hands after the photos lol.

I've finished my latest work project so I'm back to dolly dresses, the total is slowly creeping up.

An "Attic" dress and a mushroom dress today :D

The next few months are going to be hectic, Blythecon on the 2nd October with just over a week left to prepare my stall. Ponycon on the 22nd October, 3 weeks to prepare my stall. Then a craft fair on the 20th of November so 4 weeks to prepare. Not to mention real work and social events to fit around it all, I think I'll just about manage.



Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Finally finished! And a car boot find :D

I have finally finished that blasted "Ornithology" collection I started months ago.

I had planned to list them all at once but I was so SLOW I've sold half of them already.

With Blythecon UK approaching and the need for stall stock, not to mention the fact that I had started and just about finished another collection entirely, I thought it was about time I finished.

So, 27 dresses later (27!! what was I thinking?) here it is! I was so inspired and proud of this collection when I started and one or two of them I think work really well. The next collection "Stitched by Pixies" is only 18 dresses and much more varied design wise so it's kept me inspired and interested all the way through. Incidentally, lol that collection was finished at the same time lol. A lot of these are sold already but the rest will be at Blythecon UK and the remainder will be back on Etsy, possibly in a sale.


I picked up this cute little locker for 50p on saturday. I didn't even pause to think if I wanted it or not at that price. It's real metal but none of my girls are into pink (yet).

I thought someone in the community might like it or perhaps I could paint it.

BUT! I decided it would make a PERFECT toy cupboard :D

One day I want a dolls house, I've been getting inspired looking through Flickr and browsing ebay for Sindy houses. One day.

Monday, 20 September 2010

My dream girls.

My Blythe itch seems to take about 2 or 3 months to resurface after adding a new doll to the family.
The addition of these dolls would make my perfect Blythe family, not too big not too small.

In no particular order:

#1} is a Raven haired Kenner (of course, I'm sure every Blythe fan's dream). She would be my Wednesday Addams girl and occasional mini me :D

#2} ADG Pleasant Peasant. I would love a blonde girl, to dress up girly, wear pink and bake cupcakes. I'd go for ADG to complete the collection, I have a CCE so thought it would be interesting.

#3} Dear Lele Girl. I just love her to bits! She is so beautiful, I love her stock, she'd fit in well with Forest and Mervin and I just love her crafty story and aesthetic.

#4} Gentle River. AAAAAAARG! She is just too beautiful for words. Before I even owned a Blythe I wanted her. I love that she is a beauty competition winner, designed by fans :D Everything about her is perfect, her face, hair, stock, box, story, name, just everything.

Thankfully no new Blythes are tickling my fancy, just for fun I would add Precocious Candy's Mush Room to the list as I love her hair, box, story and outfit. But Pixie is enough red head for now lol.

I finished customising the Barbie carry case I bought for 50p a while ago. I bought some Plasticote clear sealant to finish the red spray paint with. What a waste of time, I promptly scratched it. I'm sure it was sturdy enough before the sealant.

I love the "I play with dolls" decal though, I want to stick them on everything :D

I plan on making a liner for it, like a sleeping bag to protect the dolls, it fits 3 :D I'd also like to make little drawers to put in the storage compartments so that all the stuff doesn't fall out when you open it. But for now it looks good from the outside :D

Pixie is posing for size comparison.

Today is my Birthday :D so I am off to indulge myself in some dolly dressmaking.



Sunday, 19 September 2010

Blythe shopping directory blog feature.

I came home from the work tour to find a message on Etsy asking to use one of my photos on a blog feature.
The Blythe Shopping Directory regularly features and reviews sellers and crafters of Blythe goodies. This month they are focusing on Blythecon UK and posting about the stallholders that will be attending.

I was very honoured to see a lovely little piece about NaughtyPixie :D

I gave NaughtyPixie's hair another trim to level off the fringe a bit. It could probably do with a little more.

Her new Licca Body arrived yesterday and I love it! :D She also loves her new Blythecon Tshirt that arrived yesterday too!

I had better get started on another dress! I spent the whole day yesterday (after the obligatory car boot sales) mowing the lawn in the garden, still a lot of weeding to do.


Freya and the Pixies.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Blythecon UK!

2nd October
The Jam Factory, Oxford


Are you?

I'm also having a stall, EEEEEK!!
What was I thinking?? lol. Well, I've got nothing to lose.

I got a bit nervous a week ago when I looked at all the fabulous well known people who are also having stalls.

I've taken the weekend off work so I'm hoping to make some money to make that worthwhile, or at least my ticket money.

So I have 32 dresses ready.
The entire "Stitched by Pixies" collection.
The remainder of the "Ornithology" collection (thank god! I've been sick of it).
A small collection of mushroom themed dresses.
Some extra odds n sods,
and a bit of a closet clean out.

I am hoping to have a few of the new collection that I'm planning called "Dresses in the Attic" more on that in another post.

I've entered the photography competition and I'm hoping to have something for the fashion competiton, why not eh?

I'm also hoping to have finished customising my Barbie carrier to take the girls in, I bought an "I PLAY WITH DOLLS" decal for the front :D.

I have so many exciting plans to blog about but I try to keep it down to one subject per day or at least post!

OK, better get back to the grindstone, Merv is looking at her watch. I'm trying to make a vintage/antique dress each day.

Hopefully see you there!!!


Thursday, 16 September 2010


I was browsing through past posts seeing what I need to catch up on as I've not blogged for a month or so (YIKES! Has it been that long?) and I couldn't believe I hadn't blogged about my new girl!!!! TAILOR GIBSON!!!

I've been pining over her for sometime ever since I saw that Blythe had a sewing themed girl.

I would have loved NRFB girl just to savour opening up all those adorable little accessories and the beautiful box.

BUT! Browsing Plastic Paradise one day I saw Tailor Gibson for sale WITH BOX and stand (I had to have that box!) for a bargainous price and even better she was from my favourite subject of Blythe stalking, Jane of Maidensuit (more on her in another post).

A match made in heaven, it makes TG even more special that she was Calico who I'd been following on Flickr and Jane could continue to enjoy her girl in the same way.

She arrived in record time and I was not disappointed :D. Another great Blythe friend of mine Such_Jaunt/Shesaidtwohotels had given me some of TG's stock a while back so now I shall slowly collect all her stock.

I have named her "Merv" after my Art School tailoring tutor Mervin.

Although her full name is "Tailor Mervin Calico Gibson"

She's already made an impression here at the NaughtyPixie workroom, she's taken over the designing and a lot of the making and has even started making herself a uniform and will make the other girls one too.

So I am one happy HAPPY bunny.

Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm back! Two treasuries.

Sold a dress today so I bought Pixie this UBER cute Tshirt ready for Blythecon.
3 dresses to finish today and then I am ready to start another new collection ready for my stall.
I have deactivated a lot of stuff from my Etsy shop in order to save up stock for the convention. But if things don't sell, don't worry, they'll be immediately listed ready for people who missed out or live outside the UK :D
EDIT: Completely forgot to mention that this fabbo little Tshirt is from ababietoy on Etsy!

I've been away touring France with work for 95% of August and most of the places there was no wifi, it was agony!

But I should be back to normal now and I'm back to sewing for Blythe and photographing my girls :D
While I was away I was featured in a couple of Etsy treasuries. This always gets me excited as I feel very honoured to be noticed. It especially excites me when they are non Blythe related treasuries like this first one:

This is a treasury of Etsy sellers from my home county of Norfolk.

Then I was very happy to be featured next to my Blythe friend MaidenSuit who makes wonderous pixie hats!

Thinking about making my own treasury as I love seeing what other people put together.

What should I include?
Have a great week!
Freya and the Girls.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Nearly finished NaughtyPixie's makeover.
She has 4 new sets of eye chips, large pupil pupaparadise from with gradient foils.
Her new scalp is an RBL Simply Peppermint (Forest's old one :D) roote with Candy Apple Nylon from MLC also.
At the moment she is wearing a lip sticker but I'll eventually get round to re doing her faceup, it's a bit worn and faded right now.

The hair still needs some trimming and evening off now and again as it settles but over all I am happy with it.

I am also working on transforming this Barbie carry case that I got for 50p at a car boot sale.
I am spraying it red then going to add padding for the girls (it will fit 3) I also have something on the way to decorate the front :D I also want to make little drawers to go in the compartments so that the accessories don't fall out when it's opened up.

Something else in the works in an appliqued doll carrier, here are the fabrics I have gathered so far.
It will be themed, can you guess what?

I'm a bit behind on my dress making and shop updates.
I got the last fabric for the new collection so I can crack on with that hopefully finishing this week.
I'd love to be like some of the big Blythe names and set a time to list in the shop and have everyone pounce on them lol, maybe one day.
Have a great weekend, we are hosting a BBQ for our friends Birthday today so I had better go and wash the spraypaint off my fingers.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Spot the difference.

My new labels arrived.
They were WRONG!! Oh no! Had I slipped and typed in the wrong font selection, had I left it on default and rushed the order.
No I checked the order confirmation and all was in order.
I called up the company and he didn't even bat an eyelid. The correct replacements arrived quickly, which was good as I had waited a few weeks for the original order to come through.

I love my labels and woven labels UK usually do a good job, I've ordered quite a few things from them for various different projects.

They didn't want the wrong labels back so now I have labels for back up and personal projects :D

The labels were inspired by this fabric, I love the red on the cream and of course the stitching print. You may have noticed this fabric has also featured in my banner.

It will also feature in the next collection and has greatly influenced the whole theme of the collection (the dress above isn't one of them, I was just being narcissistic and blazened the label on the front of the dress for my own amusement).

Today's shop update.

Another pigging bird dress. I know, with sales and marketing skills like this I should go on the Apprentice.

Only four left to go. I've printed and sewn on the braid so there's no backing out now lol.

Have a great weekend folks, not sure if I'll have a post for you tomorrow, but you can be sure of a shop update! :D

I shall be locked inside my house on a two day Gillian Mckeith detox as I have an apron instead of a tummy now.