Saturday, 24 April 2010

Today's car boot finds

I am mad on car boot sales.
I collect just about every toy from the 80's and go mad at car boot sales.
My house is next door to a car boot sale (that is one reason we bought it, that and walking distance from a pub lol.)
I even joke that we bought the house at a carboot sale because we saw the sale bought after being at that car boot.

So £1.35 later and this is what I came home with today for my girls :D Take a look at my flickr for the 80's toy goodness I found.

Last week I got a bath and a side table thing for them (also see Flickr). I am really looking for a house now, I still cringe when I think of the vintage Sindy one for £5 that I turned down last year :*( because of Space. If only I had Blythe then.

Today's shop updated.

Vintage button cascade shift dress.

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