Thursday, 22 April 2010

Shabby Chic, vintage style Teacup dress.

I love a bit of Shab by Chic I do.
I could just EAT gorgeous linens cottons and prints!!
If only I could pull of the chic myself a bit more often than the shabby.

Anyway, here is today's creation. I had a bit of random lace left over to added it underneath the button to make a little corsage, cute :D

OLD!! :D

I'm on a revamping mission this week.

Pom pom addition to an old dress, again I thought it needed something and new photographs.

Working on more dresses for a collection to update my shop in one go! I'm really pleased so far. I'm trying to develop a style that hasn't been done too much. I hope I have achieved it. You can be sure it'll be a bit shabby chic lol, I'm getting sick of myself saying that now.

Tomorrow I will try not to spam you to death with dress sales stuff lol.


  1. I am loving your style - shabby chic is just SO you it's frightening :D

    Keep those cute dresses coming!

  2. Thanks, I'm crapping out dresses at the moment lol.