Monday, 19 April 2010

The world of NaughtyPixie

Hi and welcome to my new Blog.

I have been making and selling handmade clothes for Blythe for a few months now and decided to start a blog to let everyone know about new stock and the goings on in the Pixie sweatshop ….er…sewing studio.

Back in November I bought a CCE fake Blythe doll, I called her NaughtyPixie and instantly fell in love with but longed for a real Blythe girl of my own. I got Pixie first because of the price of Blythe and was worried about liking her enough.

So I managed to persuede my long suffering husband that I should have a Blythe for Christmas so along came Forest

I will put a seperate page up with details of the girls later

So it’s April now and I’d been having Blythe cravings lol, I secretly bid on a blonde ADG but lost out. My friend Robin offered me her bald Guava at a price I couldn’t refuse, so now I have 3 (sort of).

Poor Guava doesn’t have a name yet, I just call her baldy, her hair is on the way and I’m hoping a name will appear when she puts it on. She’s got a big Blythe ‘tude!!!

Oops, what about me?

I’m Freya. In the online Blythe community I’m go by NaughtyPixie.

Tweet me up Blythe peeps @Forest_Blythe

I am a costume maker and Wardrobe mistress for Theatre and historical reenactment. So I thought I would have a go at making clothes for Blythe.

Here is my etsy shop:

When I am not collecting and crafting for Blythe I am making costumes for humans as “Freya Pointer Costumier”. For a little about me and my background take a look at my website (and un updated blog eeep!)

I am also an avid collector of My Little Ponies (this is why my husband is suffering lol). In the My Little Pony online community I am known as GypsyWildFlower.
You can find me at the UK PONYCON forum where I am a moderator and long standing staff member.

Check it out and if you are in the UK try and come along in October.

I have just opened another etsy store for custom My Little Pony accessories:

I make custom replacement My Little Pony accessories, mainly Flutter wings and Big Brother Bandanas. Soon I will be adding Princess Wands and So Soft stands to the collection so keep your eyes peeled!

I have a Flickr group for more photos.

If you already own one of my customs or repro accessories why don’t you join up and share your photos, I love customer photos


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