Sunday, 27 June 2010

Nearly finished NaughtyPixie's makeover.
She has 4 new sets of eye chips, large pupil pupaparadise from with gradient foils.
Her new scalp is an RBL Simply Peppermint (Forest's old one :D) roote with Candy Apple Nylon from MLC also.
At the moment she is wearing a lip sticker but I'll eventually get round to re doing her faceup, it's a bit worn and faded right now.

The hair still needs some trimming and evening off now and again as it settles but over all I am happy with it.

I am also working on transforming this Barbie carry case that I got for 50p at a car boot sale.
I am spraying it red then going to add padding for the girls (it will fit 3) I also have something on the way to decorate the front :D I also want to make little drawers to go in the compartments so that the accessories don't fall out when it's opened up.

Something else in the works in an appliqued doll carrier, here are the fabrics I have gathered so far.
It will be themed, can you guess what?

I'm a bit behind on my dress making and shop updates.
I got the last fabric for the new collection so I can crack on with that hopefully finishing this week.
I'd love to be like some of the big Blythe names and set a time to list in the shop and have everyone pounce on them lol, maybe one day.
Have a great weekend, we are hosting a BBQ for our friends Birthday today so I had better go and wash the spraypaint off my fingers.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Spot the difference.

My new labels arrived.
They were WRONG!! Oh no! Had I slipped and typed in the wrong font selection, had I left it on default and rushed the order.
No I checked the order confirmation and all was in order.
I called up the company and he didn't even bat an eyelid. The correct replacements arrived quickly, which was good as I had waited a few weeks for the original order to come through.

I love my labels and woven labels UK usually do a good job, I've ordered quite a few things from them for various different projects.

They didn't want the wrong labels back so now I have labels for back up and personal projects :D

The labels were inspired by this fabric, I love the red on the cream and of course the stitching print. You may have noticed this fabric has also featured in my banner.

It will also feature in the next collection and has greatly influenced the whole theme of the collection (the dress above isn't one of them, I was just being narcissistic and blazened the label on the front of the dress for my own amusement).

Today's shop update.

Another pigging bird dress. I know, with sales and marketing skills like this I should go on the Apprentice.

Only four left to go. I've printed and sewn on the braid so there's no backing out now lol.

Have a great weekend folks, not sure if I'll have a post for you tomorrow, but you can be sure of a shop update! :D

I shall be locked inside my house on a two day Gillian Mckeith detox as I have an apron instead of a tummy now.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Another day another dress.

I promise, only six more bird theme dresses to go.
I'm getting sick of them.
My next collection will be 18 dresses or less, what was I thinking doing 27!!