Friday, 23 April 2010

Fabric for Friday! Etsy update & New collection teaser.

I am addicted to Fabric.

These are my latest buys, about two weeks ago. A trip to my favourite fabric shop is a real outing. It's in a garden centre and they have a lovely cafe, gift shop and a dolls house shop (loads more but I don't visit the others lol)

Sew Simple is like Hobbycraft but independant. It's VAST! :D

They have a massive quilting supplies section and whoever orders their fabric has great taste. There's more than your average stuffy granny quilting fabric here.

I've even found cute Japanese import printed linen there :D

I give myself a limit of four fat quarters each visit (I've spent £45 in one go in the past, luckily they have a reward card LOL) and I really relish wandering around taking my time choosing. I'll put anything that catches my eye in my basket and then I will cut them down to the last four choices.

I am so chuffed with the froggy canvas there, it's more of a heavy weave like a linen or soft canvas and great for this little raincoat I made for NaughtyPixie.

I really want some froggy rement boots now!!!

Today's Etsy update.

BUTTONS! Linen and cotton vintage style dress with mother of Pearl and vintage buttons.


At the moment I am posting one dress a day to Etsy, but in the background I am working on a new collection to list together at once. Hopefully my supplies will arrive soon and I will be able to finish but in the mean time here is a teaser photo to give you an idea of things to come.

I told you it was just a little tease, you'll have to wait to see more.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, I hope to spend it gardening.
Freya and NaughtyPixie.

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