Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Blythe Kingdom sewing challenge.

So I thought I had my mojo bank in March?
Lol turns out I didn't, I started making a dress with the fabric I bought and it still sits here unfinished. 

I have made a couple of things over the last few weeks and uploaded them to my shop. 

Due to work circumstances and attempting to change career I have more time on my hands to spend with my dolls and make Blythe clothes.

I signed in to Blythe Kingdom for the first time in ages (there is probably a new forum now lol) and discovered the sewing challenge with monthly tasks :) I thought it was just what I needed to get back into stitching again. 

So here is my interpretation of the October challenge Cat hoodie pattern.
I had trouble with the hood pattern provided so just used my own that I made for my coats. It means that the ears go in at a different place but I think it's ok.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Think I've got my mojo back!

Today I went shopping at one of my favourite places for fabric and crafts. Sew Simple at Taverham Garden Centre near Norwich.
It has THE BEST selection of quilting fabrics and also pretty dam near the biggest.
I was really surprised, pleased, impressed and also slightly annoyed ( as I'd just bought a load from America) to see they stocked the full "sew retro notions" range by the Henley Studio. So I bought the one that I was missing lol.
I was also a bit miffed that my discount voucher had expired as I'd not been there so long. Next time I won't convert my loyalty points until I return.

So now I'm feeling all inspired to make Blythe dresses again and my work circumstances may soon mean I have plenty of time :/

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Blythe hiatus!

Wow! I've not written anything here since 2011!
Sorry about that.

Things got really busy with work and I didn't seem to have any time for anything else and bizarrely I didn't seem to have any money either so both making and collecting Blythe clothes were put on the back burner.

Due to work commitments I couldn't go to Blythecon Uk or uk Ponycon, which serendipitously were on the same day.

I did however get a vintage Sindy doll house!

I still love my Blythes and now I have a bit more time I would like to make for them again.

Anyway, I am uploading Dresses to Etsy that I made AAAAGES ago!

Here are today's uploads;