Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Story of a dress.

Today's dress has a little story behind it.

On Saturday I was watching our friend's 8 year old daughter while her dad and my hubby worked in the field (preparing to keep piggies yay!).

I had no idea what to do so I said that we would make a dolly dress. She likes dollies of course and Sylvanian Families so we get on well lol she even gives me her old My Little Ponies from time to time.

So I got out my fabric box and we looked through it, I asked her to choose the fabric and trimmings for the dress.
She was a bit shy to make any firm decisions so I would suggest a few and she would pick one. I am glad we went with this cute little bright birdy print.

Then came to the pom pom trim, again Rachael was a bit scared to decide so this time she picked a few she liked and I chose one that matched well. The buttons I think was a mutual decision when sorting through the box.

I really like the end result of this collaboration and have added a little pom pom and extra button to the skirt just for fun.

Modelling is my new girl Brie. She is Simply Guava with an IXtee wig.
She likes baking and is a bit snooty. She's not been here long so I don't know her very well yet, but she will be getting a boggle and a gaze lift, sleep eyes and some pink jelly twiggy twiggy pull rings, maybe with a cupcake charm :D
I can't wait to get some rement for her!!!

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