Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Finally finished! And a car boot find :D

I have finally finished that blasted "Ornithology" collection I started months ago.

I had planned to list them all at once but I was so SLOW I've sold half of them already.

With Blythecon UK approaching and the need for stall stock, not to mention the fact that I had started and just about finished another collection entirely, I thought it was about time I finished.

So, 27 dresses later (27!! what was I thinking?) here it is! I was so inspired and proud of this collection when I started and one or two of them I think work really well. The next collection "Stitched by Pixies" is only 18 dresses and much more varied design wise so it's kept me inspired and interested all the way through. Incidentally, lol that collection was finished at the same time lol. A lot of these are sold already but the rest will be at Blythecon UK and the remainder will be back on Etsy, possibly in a sale.


I picked up this cute little locker for 50p on saturday. I didn't even pause to think if I wanted it or not at that price. It's real metal but none of my girls are into pink (yet).

I thought someone in the community might like it or perhaps I could paint it.

BUT! I decided it would make a PERFECT toy cupboard :D

One day I want a dolls house, I've been getting inspired looking through Flickr and browsing ebay for Sindy houses. One day.

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