Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I made an Etsy treasury :D

My first one :D This is a sneaky peak, you have to visit the page to see them all ;)

Since I've now been featured in a few I thought I would spread the love and do one of my own.

It was quite fun! NaughtyPixie's choice, all red and mushroomy :D

A little gnome in the garden.

When I saw these giant mushrooms in mum's garden I knew I had to get a shot of Pixie sat on them. They could be toadstools, I'm not sure what the difference is and whether one is poisonous and not the other but I didn't eat them and washed my hands after the photos lol.

I've finished my latest work project so I'm back to dolly dresses, the total is slowly creeping up.

An "Attic" dress and a mushroom dress today :D

The next few months are going to be hectic, Blythecon on the 2nd October with just over a week left to prepare my stall. Ponycon on the 22nd October, 3 weeks to prepare my stall. Then a craft fair on the 20th of November so 4 weeks to prepare. Not to mention real work and social events to fit around it all, I think I'll just about manage.



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  1. Oh!!! Those pics are so awesome, and that dress is such a cute creation!

    Tickled to be in your treasury :"D