Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blythecon UK 2010!

It seems like months that I've been preparing and making for Blythecon and it was over so quickly!


I am still a complete newbie to the world of Blythe, I haven't even owned one for a whole year yet, I only started selling in my shop in February but it feels like I've been doing this forever.

I've gathered 3 dolls in that time (even though I often forget that Pixie is a fakie, *gasp!*).

Anyway, I thought what have a got to lose! And booked a stall, they were reasonably priced and I would be going anyway.

My stall.

I'M SO GLAD I DID! It was a great place to keep base and take the whole day in.

Everyone had name badges so any visitors to my stall that I recognised the name of were greated with "I'm NaughtyPixie, I follow you on Twitter/Flickr" lol I'm such a stalker.

Boutique de Lupi

I was on a long table with MASSIVE names in Blythe and Blythe clothes, Jaszmade, Bambina Carabina and Boutique de Lupi.

Thankfully on the other table next to me I was one of my best friends, Barbara of Such Jaunt, so we huddled in the corner together as noobs. lol.

SuchJaunt hiding lol.

When the doors opened IT WAS HEAVING! They had such a great turnout I was so pleased for the organisers. Of course everyone was rushing to get the Eurotrash and Bambina Carabina helmets first.

Bambina Carabina

I was quite pleased to make a sale fairly quickly, one of my Antique Attic dresses, the collection I am hoping to finish soon.
The day continued with steady sales and lovely comments on my stall and dresses.


I met so many people I've seen online, too many to remember! The ones that really stick out were DollyMixture a fellow East Anglian and brilliant dolly designer, SmallGirlWorld soo friendly a real pleasure to meet, Little Moshi from Moshi Moshi Wow, I was really honoured to sell her a dress then realised who she was when I visited her stall! Amazingly talented and inspirational, I even met her Gentle River and wasn't disapointed IRL! Lucy Goosey, such a friendly character full of energy. KatiesSmallWorld, probably my best customer of the day!

Moshi Moshi stall.

Candypop and her shopaholic mum, Hauntshold, SakuraBlythe, Lucy_Loves and her lovely dolly Lyra. KittenLash, Puzzlemint, Flissy all lovely lovely people, I hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

Fashion competition.

I entered Forest into the Fashion Design Competition :D I made her an Antique Attic dress and a linen trench coat, I put on extra motifs for the comp. She also had my handmade tights and I made her a little lace birds nest headband.

SHE WON!!! I was so proud! Thank you so much everyone who voted for her. I had so many lovely comments when I stodd her on my stall. I had hoped that a pair of granny boots from Paradise dolls would arrive in time to really finish off the outfit but it seems it didn't matter :D

I won a lovely bag of ribbons and fabrics! Some are truly lovely.

I also won a SarahBoirin Reroot in the raffle, I have no idea what to get! Eek!
I bought two strips of tickets but typically won on the free ticket I got with my entrance fee lol.

I didn't allow myself to buy much as I took the day off work and wanted to cover that with my sales so I bought a PinkyJane yellow mac, a Funny Bunny embroidered leaf dress and a suchJaunt Save the trees bag :D

My buys.
I am so glad I had a stall for my first Blythe meet if I was just wandering I probably wouldn't have met all the lovely people I did. Although I didn't see any of the demonstrations but that was just laziness, I could have got hubby Rob to man the stall.

I also got to meet Gina Garan briefly, I didn't ask for a photo though as I was feeling a bit shy lol.
I hope I've not missed any details out, it went by sooo fast!!!!
I really hope it happens again next year, or maybe the year after if the organisers need a rest.


  1. You forgot me .... PMSL!!

  2. What a great spot you had! You more than held your own and I really hope there's another next year just so I can peep at your table again!