Monday, 13 September 2010

I'm back! Two treasuries.

Sold a dress today so I bought Pixie this UBER cute Tshirt ready for Blythecon.
3 dresses to finish today and then I am ready to start another new collection ready for my stall.
I have deactivated a lot of stuff from my Etsy shop in order to save up stock for the convention. But if things don't sell, don't worry, they'll be immediately listed ready for people who missed out or live outside the UK :D
EDIT: Completely forgot to mention that this fabbo little Tshirt is from ababietoy on Etsy!

I've been away touring France with work for 95% of August and most of the places there was no wifi, it was agony!

But I should be back to normal now and I'm back to sewing for Blythe and photographing my girls :D
While I was away I was featured in a couple of Etsy treasuries. This always gets me excited as I feel very honoured to be noticed. It especially excites me when they are non Blythe related treasuries like this first one:

This is a treasury of Etsy sellers from my home county of Norfolk.

Then I was very happy to be featured next to my Blythe friend MaidenSuit who makes wonderous pixie hats!

Thinking about making my own treasury as I love seeing what other people put together.

What should I include?
Have a great week!
Freya and the Girls.


  1. Yesss! We are right there together representing purple! :D

  2. Planning a blog post dedicated to you lol.