Friday, 17 September 2010

Blythecon UK!

2nd October
The Jam Factory, Oxford


Are you?

I'm also having a stall, EEEEEK!!
What was I thinking?? lol. Well, I've got nothing to lose.

I got a bit nervous a week ago when I looked at all the fabulous well known people who are also having stalls.

I've taken the weekend off work so I'm hoping to make some money to make that worthwhile, or at least my ticket money.

So I have 32 dresses ready.
The entire "Stitched by Pixies" collection.
The remainder of the "Ornithology" collection (thank god! I've been sick of it).
A small collection of mushroom themed dresses.
Some extra odds n sods,
and a bit of a closet clean out.

I am hoping to have a few of the new collection that I'm planning called "Dresses in the Attic" more on that in another post.

I've entered the photography competition and I'm hoping to have something for the fashion competiton, why not eh?

I'm also hoping to have finished customising my Barbie carrier to take the girls in, I bought an "I PLAY WITH DOLLS" decal for the front :D.

I have so many exciting plans to blog about but I try to keep it down to one subject per day or at least post!

OK, better get back to the grindstone, Merv is looking at her watch. I'm trying to make a vintage/antique dress each day.

Hopefully see you there!!!


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  1. Ahhh, I wish I could see your stall in person! Your Attic collection has me so excited.