Thursday, 16 September 2010


I was browsing through past posts seeing what I need to catch up on as I've not blogged for a month or so (YIKES! Has it been that long?) and I couldn't believe I hadn't blogged about my new girl!!!! TAILOR GIBSON!!!

I've been pining over her for sometime ever since I saw that Blythe had a sewing themed girl.

I would have loved NRFB girl just to savour opening up all those adorable little accessories and the beautiful box.

BUT! Browsing Plastic Paradise one day I saw Tailor Gibson for sale WITH BOX and stand (I had to have that box!) for a bargainous price and even better she was from my favourite subject of Blythe stalking, Jane of Maidensuit (more on her in another post).

A match made in heaven, it makes TG even more special that she was Calico who I'd been following on Flickr and Jane could continue to enjoy her girl in the same way.

She arrived in record time and I was not disappointed :D. Another great Blythe friend of mine Such_Jaunt/Shesaidtwohotels had given me some of TG's stock a while back so now I shall slowly collect all her stock.

I have named her "Merv" after my Art School tailoring tutor Mervin.

Although her full name is "Tailor Mervin Calico Gibson"

She's already made an impression here at the NaughtyPixie workroom, she's taken over the designing and a lot of the making and has even started making herself a uniform and will make the other girls one too.

So I am one happy HAPPY bunny.

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