Monday, 20 September 2010

My dream girls.

My Blythe itch seems to take about 2 or 3 months to resurface after adding a new doll to the family.
The addition of these dolls would make my perfect Blythe family, not too big not too small.

In no particular order:

#1} is a Raven haired Kenner (of course, I'm sure every Blythe fan's dream). She would be my Wednesday Addams girl and occasional mini me :D

#2} ADG Pleasant Peasant. I would love a blonde girl, to dress up girly, wear pink and bake cupcakes. I'd go for ADG to complete the collection, I have a CCE so thought it would be interesting.

#3} Dear Lele Girl. I just love her to bits! She is so beautiful, I love her stock, she'd fit in well with Forest and Mervin and I just love her crafty story and aesthetic.

#4} Gentle River. AAAAAAARG! She is just too beautiful for words. Before I even owned a Blythe I wanted her. I love that she is a beauty competition winner, designed by fans :D Everything about her is perfect, her face, hair, stock, box, story, name, just everything.

Thankfully no new Blythes are tickling my fancy, just for fun I would add Precocious Candy's Mush Room to the list as I love her hair, box, story and outfit. But Pixie is enough red head for now lol.

I finished customising the Barbie carry case I bought for 50p a while ago. I bought some Plasticote clear sealant to finish the red spray paint with. What a waste of time, I promptly scratched it. I'm sure it was sturdy enough before the sealant.

I love the "I play with dolls" decal though, I want to stick them on everything :D

I plan on making a liner for it, like a sleeping bag to protect the dolls, it fits 3 :D I'd also like to make little drawers to put in the storage compartments so that all the stuff doesn't fall out when you open it. But for now it looks good from the outside :D

Pixie is posing for size comparison.

Today is my Birthday :D so I am off to indulge myself in some dolly dressmaking.




  1. What, birthday?? Happy birthday, Freya!

    I love the decal! The case looks great, so snappy and bright. And a Wednesday Addams girl is A MUST.

  2. You have great taste - 3 of 4 of your dream girls are on my wish list too! I can't decide if it's actually Dear Lele herself that I like or just her stock. I agree with you on Gentle River. She is perfection in doll form!