Friday, 28 May 2010

Two new dresses in the shop today.

I finally got round to finishing this Tea Cup print dress I've had cut out for a month or so lol.

Here is the first of the last nine "Ornithology Collection" dresses.
They have longer bodices and longer fuller skirts than the other dresses and different design and colour combinations as they all do.

One down Eight to go!! Then I can start on my new set of dresses! Well, I've already made one lol but I can get really stuck into designing the combinations which I love!

Just a couple more fabrics to buy and some cute buttons to arrive from Etsy.

I love making dolly dresses, I can treat myself to some really expensive gorgeous braids and I only need 1 metre for 3 or 4 dresses worth!! BLISS!!

Have a great weekend folks, as per usual we'll be stealing some time in the garden :D Hopefully preparing the chicken coop!!!


Freya and NaughtyPixie.

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