Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I had a great day at the car boot sales on Sunday. I went to two and I'm so pleased as I nearly didn't go to the second one :D

I got the Pedigree Sindy Greenhouse and a couple of accessories from the Funtime Sindy Country Garden set! I am soo pleased with this as I stumbled accross it on Ebay one day when looking for Blythe things and totally fell in love with it for NaughtyPixie, she loves gardening :D

It still has the pond/rockery and a watering can. I haggled with the lady to get the dresser thrown in free as it was the last of my money and late in the day. It also came with two plastic play mat things and some cardboard garden back drops but they don't appear to be from the same set.

Still haven't taken piccies of the vintage sindy boots I got at last weeks carboot sales!


  1. That greenhouse is SO awesome! What a find!

  2. Thanks :D Can't wait to get it out in the garden for a proper photo shoot lol.