Friday, 7 May 2010

Fabric Friday! Another teaser for the new collection.

This weeks fabrics aren't new, I've already made a couple of things in the shop out of them.

These all have a vintage or retro feel to them. I particularly love the kittens and the peach children. All from Sew Simple at Taverham Garden Centre as per usual :D

I am job hunting at the moment, I've been turned down for two already this year. I have four applications in at the moment. If all fails with these I will be sending my CVs out, to Sew Simple in particular. Maybe it's fate eh?

Here is another quick teaser for the new collection. A little bit more clear than the last one.

I am just about to make the last 9 dresses. 18 down! Still waiting for Vista Print but I've had another idea for the packaging :D

I hope they go well, I'd like to announce a date to list them al at once lol but I'd hate to do that and then no one buy them! How embarrassing! LOL.

I'm even thinking about the next collection, is it silly to do a whole series of dresses in one colour? I really like red!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, pray for sun as we're behind on the gardening, at least my fruit bushes look established now. I'm hoping to plant up more, two blueberries, a raspberry and a tub of herbs while my husband fixes the chicken house and rigs us up a couple of water butts. Plus I want to sort out the green house, at least I can do that in the rain!

Lots of love,

Freya and NaughtyPixie.



  1. The new dresses look great! I love the moss green pom pom trim. Good luck with your job interview. I don't know what Sew Simple is (is it a craft magazine?), but it sounds like it might be a fun place to work!

  2. Thanks :D Sew Simple is a fabric shop and craft place. It's great.
    I just love pom pom trim lol..