Friday, 21 May 2010

Treasury Feature :D

Morning all.

I've been missing a bit this week as I've been working on some hats (lol my real work, not Blythe) and the deadline is next week. They are all posted off now though so next week I'll hopefully do some updates to the shop :D I am also helping mum in the garden when I can as she has pulled her back somehow.

The Ornithology Collection has been received well, thank you to those who have bought dresses :D I'll make a proper post about it another day, I still have 9 dresses to finish, EEK!

For the next collection maybe I'll cut down the numbers a bit.

I'm very excited to be featured in two Treasuries on Etsy this week. Two different dresses in two different treasuries :D and one of the people had never heard of Blythe til she found my Nest dress. I have no idea what a Treasury is or is for lol but I feel very honoured to be noticed and featured with some well known Blythe names.

Thanks SlitelyAskew and BohemianBath! Go check out their shops folks :D
So I'm hoping to have a relaxing but productive weekend in the garden, my own garden.
Thanks for stopping by.
Freya and NaughtyPixie.

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