Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Late Anniversary post! Customer Photos.

On February the 12th 2010 I opened up a little Blythe clothes shop on Etsy and 6 days later made my first sale :D

This is a little late (I only just noticed PMSL) but I'd like to celebrate by sharing some customer photos with you.

I've made and sold over 100 dresses and coats over the year in the Etsy shop, at Blythecon and through custom commissions.

Thank you all for supporting me, I really appreciate it as I try to fill a little niche that isn't well represented in Blythe fashion and I am so pleased you like it.
I'm very excited to be starting another year making dolly dresses.

Blythcon goodies3
Little Moshi.

Toffee - the Kenner
I'm a Ginger Monkey.


Plummery in NaughtyPixie

Happy Panda


I wish I could take such amazing photos.

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  1. Aww happy Etsy-versary!! I'm so happy you are in the Blythe community making such beautiful clothes.