Monday, 3 January 2011

Disasterous December.

November and December was a bit of a mad rush but I'm positive for the New Year!!

I thought I'd update you on how things went.......IT WAS A DISASTER LOL.

I'm just glad it's all over. Sort of lol. As you know I got my friends present finished and went away to center parcs having a lovely time.

Next on the list was the christmas show. We sorted my hubby costume out by borrowing and getting bits and bobs from a costume shop: SORTED. I finished mine enough to have our group photograph taken ready to put in the local paper.

Here we all are in our Addams Family glory:

I've been churning out the Blythe commissions. (Post about that another day) And the list is slowly growing too which is all good :D
The hats for work never got done but I've got organised on that front, also the list has now grown to 4 lol.

THEN came the trip up to the Shetland Islands for my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary.
We flew up to Edinburgh and had a lovely day, got to the airport for our flight to Shetland and it was cancelled.

Ok, no problem we were still going to be a day early. We got put up in a 4 star Holiday Inn, evening meal and breakfast all paid for by Flybe. RESULT!

After that the party went smoothly everyone had a good time Shetland style. We stayed a few days later AND IT SNOWED! AND IT SNOWED AND IT SNOWED!

We got stuck.

We got STRANDED on the most northerly Islands of the British Isles.

FOR FOUR DAYS more than we planned. Our flights were continuously getting cancelled and rebooked.

First of all, Rob and I missed two dressed rehearsals for the Addams Family Panto.
I missed a job interview.
And I missed a days work in London. (Being self employed this is a big deal for me)

AND, the drama group decided to cancel the panto. :*(
We eventually got back but 3 of us (my mum, my friend and I) travelled back on the friday via Glasgow, then Manchester, then Norwich.
Rob travelled back the next day via Edinburgh (they were open for a tiny ammount of time before they were shut again) then Birmingham. Then he had to get a train from Birmingham to Norwich.
I rearranged my Job interview for the week after but on the way there, I GOT A PUNCTURE!!
I was over an hour late as I had to call out the breakdown service. As the whole country was breaking down because of the snow it was going to be 2 hours so my mum came to swap cars with me. I went to my interview and she sat waiting for the RAC with the car.
I got the job ;)
After that our Opera company had a great show at The Royal Albert Hall, with Jose Carreras, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Bryn Terfel, Alfie Bow and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Ok brag over with.
Then the work trip to Switzerland all went well.
I am so pleased it's all over. We had rescheduled the Addams show for February but one of the cast has just ahd a heart attack so it's now going to be christmas 2011.
I have the feeling it's going to be our Macbeth!!!!

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  1. AIEEE that Addams Family picture is to die for! What a crazy month you had! Hope you enjoy your new job :D